Dan Li |李丹

Dan Li |李丹, Realtor® |地产经纪®

Speaks: English, Mandarin


I came to Ottawa as an international student and quickly put down roots and started my family here. After buying my first home and then my first investment property, I was ready to start my career as a realtor. I work with many types of clients (first time buyers, up-sizers, investors) and help in any way I can. I come from a strong background in client care & believe honesty is how to build trust. I will make sure I understand your needs and goals, and protect your best interests at all times and ensure you have a smooth, happy and efficient buying and selling experience.
我以国际学生的身份来到渥太华,并迅速在此扎根,有了我的家庭。 在购买了第一套房子和第一个投资房产后,我便准备开始我的房地产经纪人职业生涯。 我与许多类型的客户(如首次购房者、升级者、投资者)合作,并尽我所能提供帮助。 我在客户关怀方面的深厚背景,相信诚实是建立信任的方法。 我将确保我了解您的需求和目标,并始终保护您的最大利益!确保您拥有顺畅、快乐和高效的买卖体验!