Lily Hu |胡晓莉

Lily Hu |胡晓莉, Team Leader |团队领头

Speaks: English, Mandarin


Hello, My name is Lily Hu. I came to Ottawa in 2004. I studied Mass Communication and minor in Business and Psychology at Carleton University. After graduating with honour, I obtained the license of real estate agent, starting from a licnedsed assistant, until now, I have my own team. Since I was an international student and a new immigrant, I have rich experience in buying a house for international students/new immigrants. In particular, I have a very detailed research on the new houses in various new districts of Ottawa that young people like, and have a deep understanding of the school district houses in various districts of Ottawa. In the 12 years since I became a real estate representative, my enthusiasm, patience and carefulness have been well received by clients. 

大家好我是胡晓莉。 我于 2004 年来到渥太华,在卡尔顿大学学习大众传播,辅修商业和心理学。 以优异的成绩毕业后,我拿到了房地产经纪人的执照。从持牌助理开始到现在,我有了自己的团队。 由于我是留学生和新移民,所以在为留学生/新移民买房方面有着丰富的经验。 尤其是对年轻人喜欢的渥太华各个新区的新房有非常详细的研究,对渥太华各个区的学区房有很深的了解。 成为房地产经纪人的12年里,我的热情、耐心和细心得到了客户的好评。

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